Our Customers Deserve the Best

Our focus is always on the customer, and our scaffolding products reflect that focus.

We have invested in what is recognised as one of the best modular scaffolding systems in the world. We have also established a strong relationship with our equipment manufacturer to ensure that the design of our scaffolding systems reflects the needs of any construction project.

And all our scaffolding products undergo strict quality control and safety testing before they are used in the field.

Our scaffolding systems offer the ultimate in versatility to match any need. Interchangeable and universal components permit every type of connection, overcoming even the most awkward applications.

Our systems also come with a heavy-duty rating, which translates into a higher load-bearing capability without compromising stability and safety.

It also translates into a more productive worksite, as workers are able to save both time and effort when moving tools and materials up and down stairs.

Another advantage of our scaffolding systems is that they are quicker to erect and dismantle – as much as 25% faster than other systems. When time is money, our scaffolding systems make good economic sense. All our scaffolding and propping work is carried out by our trained and accredited scaffolders. We believe our employees are Braziers most important asset. We use the best equipment and we employ the best people.

Our Systems

The group of companies has a very large inventory of all types of scaffolding and propping equipment. This includes but is not limited to:

Layher Scaffold System
Tube and Clip
Alloy Mobiles
Anglok Modular Scaffold Systems
Events, Stages, Grandstands & TV Towers
Propping Equipment & Panel Props
Scaffold Coverings & Sheetings
Temporary Roofs
GEDA Personnel + Material Hoist
Rubbish Chutes
Site Fencing

ALI SCAFF Brand of Aluminum Scaffolding which has registered trademarks and copyrights enforced.

Five hundred tonnes of modular scaffolding and eight thousand planks were purchased for one job so our group also has the resources to take on any job.

Featured Projects

Brazier Scaffolding have a long history of providing outstanding solutions to medium, large and highly specialised projects. Check out some examples of our work in the projects Gallery.