Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap is the perfect solution to keeping your job site weatherproof while also containing any on site debris or contaniments. The 100% recyclable shrink wrap is attached to the structure and then heated to shrink the product to the structure providing or weather proof environment while also letting in the light unlike problematic tarpaulins which tend to leak and flap in the wind.
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Scaffold Covers/Sheetings

Scaffold Sheeting is used for covering scaffolds. The sheet has many purposes:

  • Enhances the security for the workers on the scaffold
  • Serves as a climate shield to protects workers, machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow etc.
  • Ensures a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be respected regardless of the weather
  • Protects the surroundings from any inconveniences ex. particles or building dust from sandblasting or water jetting from facade works.

Debris Netting & Scrim

Scaffold debris netting aids in controlling falling debris and rubbish while cutting down wind etc and creating a safer enviroment for both workers and public.

Featured Projects

Brazier Scaffolding have a long history of providing outstanding solutions to medium, large and highly specialised projects. Check out some examples of our work in the projects Gallery.