Geda Hoists

GEDA goods and personnel hoists are ideal for professional construction workers. Well-engineered technology is clearly reflected in their efficiency.

  • Easy assembly
  • Safe operation
  • Robustness
  • Easy handling

Geda 500 Z/ZP

These goods/personnel hoists with steel segment masts have earned their good reputation over the years for being a reliable partner for construction workers.

The spacious load platforms offer enough space for two wheelbarrows or large pallets as well as fixing devices for bulky construction materials. The steel mast system allows for easy assembly from the platform up to a height of 100m. The platform can be turned by 90 Degrees allowing safe unloading of materials. A patented mono-axis trailer for transporting and automatically putting down/loading the hoist is also available.

Photo of Hoist at loading Platform with safety gate closed.

Please call for your requirements and price.

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