Alloy Mobiles

Brazier Scaffolding Ltd have a large inventory of AliScaff Aluminium scaffold towers and mobiles to cover what ever your needs are.

Mobiles come in width's of 700mm wide, 1200mm wide, 1900mm wide and bay lenghts of 2400mm long and 1200mm long. Any height can be achieved with a large selection of end frame heights rising in 400mm increments up to 2.0m end frames. We hire and also can erect & dismantle if required and we have constructed mobiles for clients only 1.0m high right up to mobiles 40m long x 10m wide x 14m high.

We also erect mobiles inside tanks & vessels etc. with small man hole entries through to the manufacture and installation of special one offs.

Featured Projects

Brazier Scaffolding have a long history of providing outstanding solutions to medium, large and highly specialised projects. Check out some examples of our work in the projects Gallery.