Building Our Reputation From The Ground Up

Brazier Scaffolding has been meeting the scaffolding and propping needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout the South Island since we opened our business in Invercargill in 1973.

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation by providing our customers with the best service possible. And we deliver on our promises. The key to our success is simple: We are committed to our customers. Our focus is on providing a safe and superior scaffolding service delivered by an experienced and highly trained workforce.

We also use only the highest quality scaffolding and propping equipment, which allows us to work quickly and efficiently while providing worksite access that works for our customers. At Brazier Scaffolding we have the resources and the technical expertise to take on any job – everything from traditional access scaffolding or propping for large or small construction projects, to erecting temporary grandstands, viewing platforms or TV towers for special events. Brazier Scaffolding now has a large skilled employee base in three locations in the South Island – Invercargill, Queenstown and Dunedin.

All our locations carry an impressive inventory of the best scaffolding and propping equipment on the market. We also have a dedicated transport fleet, which allows us to move equipment to where it’s needed.
This combination of an extensive inventory and transportation capabilities gives us an unrivalled ability to respond to demand quickly, no matter where our customers are located.

From The Ground Up

We like to do our job quickly and efficiently, but we don’t sacrifice on safety. We have an enviable safety record, and all Brazier Scaffolders receive ongoing safety training. Working safely and ensuring a safe worksite for others is a key component of our focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Another component of good customer service is providing reliable estimates and quotes. We provide our customers with an accurate assessment of the scaffolding and propping requirements for their particular projects. When customers hire Brazier Scaffolding, they know what they are getting: A company that is committed to them: a company that can meet the scaffolding and propping needs of any construction project, regardless of size and complexity; and a company with skilled people who do their jobs quickly and safely.

We work from the ground up, but we also understand bottom lines. Our ability to erect and dismantle scaffolding systems quickly and efficiently makes good business sense – and it saves our customers money.

Our Customers Deserve The Best

Our focus is always on the customer, and our scaffolding products reflect that focus.

We have invested in what is recognized as one of the best modular scaffolding system in the world. We have also established a strong relationship with our equipment manufacturer to ensure that the design of our scaffolding systems reflects the need of any construction project.

And all our scaffolding products under go strict quality control and safety testing before they are used in the field.

Our scaffolding system offer the ultimate in versatility to match any need. Inter changeable and universal components permit every type of connection, overcoming even the most awkward applications.

Our systems also come with a heavy-duty rating, which translates into a higher load-bearing capability without compromising stability and safety.

It also translates into a more productive worksite, as workers are able to save both time and effort when moving tools and materials up and down stairs.

Another advantage of our scaffolding systems is that they are quicker to erect and dismantle – as much as 25% faster than other systems. When time is money, our scaffolding systems make good economic sense. All our scaffolding and propping work is carried out by our trained and accredited scaffolders. We believe our employees are Brazier’s most important asset. We use the best equipment and we employ the best people.

But our commitment to our employees doesn’t stop there. We are also committed to ensuring our team has access to ongoing training and skills development.

Featured Projects

Brazier Scaffolding have a long history of providing outstanding solutions to medium, large and highly specialised projects. Check out some examples of our work in the projects Gallery.